Who we are?

Academy+Moldova is an alternative and free IT school, launched by Foundation IT Moldova in partnership with the Academy+Plus Cluj-Napoca and Ecole 42 Paris.
We are a different kind of school, where there are no classes, no teachers, not fixed hours.
We are a school for those brave and dedicated.
Regardless of your background and professional training, our goal is to form through practical programming modules the specialists ready for immediate employment.




Getting the IT specialist status you become sought and in advanced technologies trend and modern innovations. We train you for a future that requires unique skills for companies with very specific requirements. With the Academy+Moldova you become a valuable and indispensable professional.


You will work in a team, you will become a good analyst and the most important, you will be the community member were each one contributes with a unique combination of talents and abilities. You will participate in events, hackathons and workshops where you’ll develop your coding skills. So you will have all abilities to succeed in IT field or business.

International level

Programming language is unique to everyone. As an IT specialist you can work successfully in any country or city where you’ll be on demand. You can work in an international company or choose the freelance with diverse interesting projects.

How to apply?

Candidates Platform

The first step to become a student at the Academy+Moldova is to register on candidates.academyplus.md recording platform. The most important information in your form is your e-mail and the mobile phone number. That address will receive all the information on the admissions process. 

Online tests and check-in
After completing the application form you will have to complete in time online tests: 2 games, memory and logic.
If your results are good, you will be notified by e-mail. Thus, all candidates on the platform will be able to schedule for check-in at the Academy, face-to-face with staff for presenting the program and the pre-selection period, called Pool.

If you still want to enter the Pool you should make an appointment for one of the months: June, July, August, mentioned need for your availability throughout the period of 28 days.

Pass / Fail
At the end of the 28 days of evaluation program the trainers will process the results. Notifications of acceptance will be received by e-mail. Statistically, about 95% of the candidates who remain in the Pool until day 28, are admitted. So, do not abandon along the way!


As a result you will activate as a Programmer (web, C++, Java, PHP, Game design, etc.), Developer, Business Analyst, Software Architect, Network Administrator or other profession in IT field.
In addition you can start for your own IT profile business.